Friday, April 30, 2010

Rebus Recipe of the day

Recipe 1: Presto Pesto

Add Basil (Stems and all)







Whirl until blended in your



Then- before cleaning it out, because you can't possibly get ALL the thick pesto out on the first try,

walk to your garden and grab some


add to the Vitamix with some

Lemon and some



Mix it up. Recipe #2 is Green Dressing for the week!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I have posted before on Bento Boxes but thought I'd whip up a post on some of the more recent 'homemade' lunchables we have done!

These are made from a new Ziplock product I found at Target. These are very re-usable. In this I have gluten free pretzels, a salad and for dessert a smallish amount of cashews and dark chocolate chips. Trader Joes makes a great cf chocolate chip. The salad was so yummy. I do NOT like romaine or 'regular' lettuce and in general am not a lettuce gal but I have taken a liking to arugula and various leaf lettuces. I put pre-cooked chicken (that I pre-cooked), avocado and tomatoes. I love my new Vitamix for many reasons but it makes the best dressings. I make a very creamy cashew dressing with...cashews, oil and some lemon juice. Yummo.

The other lunchable is from Laptop Lunches. Love it! They have no phthalates, bisphenol A or lead. For a school kid I think they are large enough for lunch and a snack. Often times I pack both Andrew and I a lunch in there but wasn't sure how long we were going to be at the zoo so I wanted to pack for a few days ;)

Happy Eating!!