Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Maaaaailllll timeeeee.....

I am trying to figure out what to do with my mail.  I have 'several' traveling file boxes like this:

The problem is I never look in them.  And so now I have three (I think) boxes as well as a giant basket full of stuff.  And when the mail comes in the door, it goes on the kitchen table and then in a bin or a box or a pile.

And no solution...  Is this a problem everyone has?

At work I used to do binders but my bookshelves are full.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Book Shelf.. day ?

I was going to blog both the bookshelf and desk on the same day but I think each one is worth it's own post.  Don't you?  First is the before picture.  Mind you, this was FULL at one point with books from top to bottom...cookbooks.  The bin on the bottom was FULL with "science stuff I want to do this week."  Except the same items have been in there for probably a year.  

So I parted with fifteen books as you saw a few days ago.  Today I wanted to order two new cookbooks so I parted with two more.  (Don't tell anyone but I have two other areas where I keep cookbooks and they are quite 'full.'  Eventually I want them all in this space but I will have to bring myself to part with a few more for that to happen.)  

So actually this isn't the before picture.  This is "midway."  

And here is 'after.'  Nice eh?  Sepia makes everything look better!  It might seem strange to have weights there but hubby uses them all the time for his exercise regime.  The bin is gone.  (Ok the bin is on the floor full of books that are going to go to the 'back room' when my sister comes to help me build my cubicle bookshelves.  Hey!  I got rid of 17 cookbooks!  Cut me some slack.)

I put the pictures up there because if I left it empty it would accumulate more items.  It is a nice space however for me to put a coffee cup when I am at my desk.  I want to find a table for between the bookshelf and the desk because the milk cartons that are currently there say "early american college."

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 4... The Unpacking After Vacation

Ug... 1 day to pack.  2 days gone.  3 days to unpack and clean up and not make progress on anything new.  And I will have to repeat this in about a week.  Oh well.  We had fun.

So that is what happened today.  I unpacked, cleaned the kitchen and still working off the kitchen table.  I have to find my rebate info that I picked up at the eye doc right before I left and I thought I put in a pile.. it is not here.

So I decided to google, "unpacking after a vacation."  And there were many good articles.  Here is an assortment.

I really like this note on Facebook.
I actually do some of the things in this blog post.
I still have a bunch of brochures from our MN vacation this summer.  Here is just one blogger's thoughts on that..

I usually have a pile of brochures and guide books about everywhere that I visited while on the trip. These are meant to form the basis of a wonderful scrap book. Sadly, this has not happened yet! I try to be realistic by making some notes, but all too often I find a faded colllection of these souvenirs on a window sill long after the event. My hard advice would be to just throw them out!

I'm not there yet.

The rest is just more of the same.  So the bathing suits were taken out right away, laundry is in a pile, dishes are done... car is tomorrow.  Cleaning the car is always left for tomorrow.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 3... The Travel List

Well...lest you think you can come and rob me, I am not hitting publish on this one until we get home.  Today I got ready for a trip we will be taking for a couple of days.  For some this is a no -brainer.  Add in special diets and keeping a kid happy in the car and it is just a tad more complicated.

So, although I am not the best of planners, I have a master travel list that I pull up each time we go somewhere.  I have each medication, piece of electronics, clothing we might need.  I have swim suits and boat shoes on there year round.  No need to modify.  I can just cross it off if we don't need it.  Over the years it got quite lenghty.  No longer need bottles.  He's eleven.....  But I never got around to fixing the list. Finally when we got a new computer- I lost the list- and started from scratch.

I also used Cozi.  It really did serve me today.  The little things like yell to the neighbor to please see if we have any packages that need picking up.  For some reason he doesn't want me to have his phone number so the minute I saw him leave his house I stalked him.  I have to say I feel PRETTY DARN good about what I accomplished.  I even read off my list to the kid to show him how busy I had been today!

I still have to get up early to do the usual last minute thing but most of my packings are sitting right here to load in the car.

But we are back now.  And although I am writing these words before we leave..  I am sure we had a great time.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cozi... Day 2...and trains.

All was going well today.  I wrote up my list on Cozi.  I ♥ Cozi.  I can put in my to do list on the computer, iPod touch or iPad and it will transfer to the others.  (Works on iPhone too but I don't have one of those.)  You can keep track of shopping lists for various stores.'s a keeper.  So my goal today was to make a list and check it off.  And then the trains collide...

If you read my other Growing Fruit blog you know we have some 'challenges' in the house and today was no exception.  Today was actually exceptionally challenging but at least it was on a smooth track until dinner time.  Maybe I'll blog that over on Growing Fruit soon.

But Cozi does help keep me on track.  I had a sitter today for four hours.  I USED those four hours.  Went to the eye doctor and ordered my new glasses.  That took an HOUR.  Then went to the drug store to find various things. Then to Bed Bath and Beyond to get some organizing 'stuffs.'  Blah Blah Blah... The usual mundane stuff but I actually had 30 minutes left to stop at Starbucks and read my Bible for a bit.

I stuck to the list.

Played with the Kid when I got home.  (That wasn't on the list but well worth the deviation!)   And still had time to finish more things on the list.  Yep the list keeps me sane- WHEN I use it.  Even when the trains collide.  And today I used the list.  Tomorrow...more list.

So I didn't get it ALL done but I got more done that if I'd not had a list.  Heck I even had time to blog this.  Then again, this is my therapy.

Monday, October 17, 2011

31 Days

Ok it is October 17 and this started October 1 and I am not even going to be here for every day in the next 31 days.  In fact there is probably a week I will be gone.

But I found a 31 days of housekeeping  challenge over at Prairie Home Therapy  and I am going to try and do it for every day that I am here.  I very much want to reorganize my desk "once and for all." I have done this before but I need a place for everything so everything can be in its place so it doesn't revert to chaos.  Although I am a system 'tweaker' I want empty shelf space so I can do that with ease.

 I have copious amounts of cook books... and by copious I mean probably in the hundreds.  I purged about 20-30 awhile back and I am so proud of myself for getting rid of 15 today.  This area is right next to my desk so it will allow me to get closer to my 'desk goal'.   If you see a title you like, claim it fast....because this box will be going ...going.... gone.

So every day for 31 days (not in a row) I am going to try and do something different than the usual to declutter or cement a habit.  By the end of November even Peter Walsh will be proud.

By the way, I found the 31 day challenge via another blog..A Slob Comes Clean.  It is a super fun blog to read and watch!  I tend to read a lot of blogs and not DO anything.  So my reward every day will be to spend some time blogging what I do and then reading a few things as well.  Plus I always think, "I don't do anything." This way I can read back over my own progress!!

As a total random p.s.... I have been listening to Joyce Meyers and she has recently been talking on 'finishing strong.'  So I do plan to finish this strong.