Sunday, October 23, 2011

Book Shelf.. day ?

I was going to blog both the bookshelf and desk on the same day but I think each one is worth it's own post.  Don't you?  First is the before picture.  Mind you, this was FULL at one point with books from top to bottom...cookbooks.  The bin on the bottom was FULL with "science stuff I want to do this week."  Except the same items have been in there for probably a year.  

So I parted with fifteen books as you saw a few days ago.  Today I wanted to order two new cookbooks so I parted with two more.  (Don't tell anyone but I have two other areas where I keep cookbooks and they are quite 'full.'  Eventually I want them all in this space but I will have to bring myself to part with a few more for that to happen.)  

So actually this isn't the before picture.  This is "midway."  

And here is 'after.'  Nice eh?  Sepia makes everything look better!  It might seem strange to have weights there but hubby uses them all the time for his exercise regime.  The bin is gone.  (Ok the bin is on the floor full of books that are going to go to the 'back room' when my sister comes to help me build my cubicle bookshelves.  Hey!  I got rid of 17 cookbooks!  Cut me some slack.)

I put the pictures up there because if I left it empty it would accumulate more items.  It is a nice space however for me to put a coffee cup when I am at my desk.  I want to find a table for between the bookshelf and the desk because the milk cartons that are currently there say "early american college."

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Anonymous said...

I like it! Good job! My vice is not cookbooks, it's theology texts-ready to get rid of some. I have been downloading when people have a knack of mixing books with other decorative items to create cool looking shelves. Cheryl