Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 3... The Travel List

Well...lest you think you can come and rob me, I am not hitting publish on this one until we get home.  Today I got ready for a trip we will be taking for a couple of days.  For some this is a no -brainer.  Add in special diets and keeping a kid happy in the car and it is just a tad more complicated.

So, although I am not the best of planners, I have a master travel list that I pull up each time we go somewhere.  I have each medication, piece of electronics, clothing we might need.  I have swim suits and boat shoes on there year round.  No need to modify.  I can just cross it off if we don't need it.  Over the years it got quite lenghty.  No longer need bottles.  He's eleven.....  But I never got around to fixing the list. Finally when we got a new computer- I lost the list- and started from scratch.

I also used Cozi.  It really did serve me today.  The little things like yell to the neighbor to please see if we have any packages that need picking up.  For some reason he doesn't want me to have his phone number so the minute I saw him leave his house I stalked him.  I have to say I feel PRETTY DARN good about what I accomplished.  I even read off my list to the kid to show him how busy I had been today!

I still have to get up early to do the usual last minute thing but most of my packings are sitting right here to load in the car.

But we are back now.  And although I am writing these words before we leave..  I am sure we had a great time.

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