Monday, October 17, 2011

31 Days

Ok it is October 17 and this started October 1 and I am not even going to be here for every day in the next 31 days.  In fact there is probably a week I will be gone.

But I found a 31 days of housekeeping  challenge over at Prairie Home Therapy  and I am going to try and do it for every day that I am here.  I very much want to reorganize my desk "once and for all." I have done this before but I need a place for everything so everything can be in its place so it doesn't revert to chaos.  Although I am a system 'tweaker' I want empty shelf space so I can do that with ease.

 I have copious amounts of cook books... and by copious I mean probably in the hundreds.  I purged about 20-30 awhile back and I am so proud of myself for getting rid of 15 today.  This area is right next to my desk so it will allow me to get closer to my 'desk goal'.   If you see a title you like, claim it fast....because this box will be going ...going.... gone.

So every day for 31 days (not in a row) I am going to try and do something different than the usual to declutter or cement a habit.  By the end of November even Peter Walsh will be proud.

By the way, I found the 31 day challenge via another blog..A Slob Comes Clean.  It is a super fun blog to read and watch!  I tend to read a lot of blogs and not DO anything.  So my reward every day will be to spend some time blogging what I do and then reading a few things as well.  Plus I always think, "I don't do anything." This way I can read back over my own progress!!

As a total random p.s.... I have been listening to Joyce Meyers and she has recently been talking on 'finishing strong.'  So I do plan to finish this strong.

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Nony the Slob said...

Good job! I have such a hard time parting with cookbooks. They just represent so many ideas and dreams of being a fabulous hostess and cook!