Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cozi... Day 2...and trains.

All was going well today.  I wrote up my list on Cozi.  I ♥ Cozi.  I can put in my to do list on the computer, iPod touch or iPad and it will transfer to the others.  (Works on iPhone too but I don't have one of those.)  You can keep track of shopping lists for various stores.  Yep...it's a keeper.  So my goal today was to make a list and check it off.  And then the trains collide...

If you read my other Growing Fruit blog you know we have some 'challenges' in the house and today was no exception.  Today was actually exceptionally challenging but at least it was on a smooth track until dinner time.  Maybe I'll blog that over on Growing Fruit soon.

But Cozi does help keep me on track.  I had a sitter today for four hours.  I USED those four hours.  Went to the eye doctor and ordered my new glasses.  That took an HOUR.  Then went to the drug store to find various things. Then to Bed Bath and Beyond to get some organizing 'stuffs.'  Blah Blah Blah... The usual mundane stuff but I actually had 30 minutes left to stop at Starbucks and read my Bible for a bit.

I stuck to the list.

Played with the Kid when I got home.  (That wasn't on the list but well worth the deviation!)   And still had time to finish more things on the list.  Yep the list keeps me sane- WHEN I use it.  Even when the trains collide.  And today I used the list.  Tomorrow...more list.

So I didn't get it ALL done but I got more done that if I'd not had a list.  Heck I even had time to blog this.  Then again, this is my therapy.

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