Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 4... The Unpacking After Vacation

Ug... 1 day to pack.  2 days gone.  3 days to unpack and clean up and not make progress on anything new.  And I will have to repeat this in about a week.  Oh well.  We had fun.

So that is what happened today.  I unpacked, cleaned the kitchen and still working off the kitchen table.  I have to find my rebate info that I picked up at the eye doc right before I left and I thought I put in a pile.. it is not here.

So I decided to google, "unpacking after a vacation."  And there were many good articles.  Here is an assortment.

I really like this note on Facebook.
I actually do some of the things in this blog post.
I still have a bunch of brochures from our MN vacation this summer.  Here is just one blogger's thoughts on that..

I usually have a pile of brochures and guide books about everywhere that I visited while on the trip. These are meant to form the basis of a wonderful scrap book. Sadly, this has not happened yet! I try to be realistic by making some notes, but all too often I find a faded colllection of these souvenirs on a window sill long after the event. My hard advice would be to just throw them out!

I'm not there yet.

The rest is just more of the same.  So the bathing suits were taken out right away, laundry is in a pile, dishes are done... car is tomorrow.  Cleaning the car is always left for tomorrow.

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