Monday, January 3, 2011

Fit-N-Better blog

I am part of a new blog called "Fit-N-Better." Currently there are five of us blogging on our travails of becoming healthier. I thought I'd put my first post below with a LINK to it HERE. Then on Fridays I am going to do Fit Mommy Friday meme if she is doing a new challenge and I'll blog that here.

So here is my today's post from Fit-N-Better.


Hi folks! First a starting point. I did get on the scale today. Wasn't as bad as the estimate but clearly want to loose about 20-30 lbs.

First on food for me is mindful eating. I have a 10 year old and I just 'take a bite' of everything I feed him. So I am getting into the habit of at least STOPPING before I do this. Today I took bites of his pear, cashews and some potato chips. On the plus side, I did stop myself before sampling his french toast and also after I ate some chips I stopped...and then I MINDFULLY ate some more. LOL! (It was an uber stressful moment and I said to heck with it.) My next goal will be to stop saying 'to heck with it.' So I plan to publicly declare my success and trials in this area.

On exercise.... I did some Wii today..Gold's gym dance program where I burned a whole 23 calories. My lovely son said, "That's great mom! That took care of the cookie you ate." (He was being serious bless his sweet little heart.) He has told he me doesn't want me to loose weight because I am 'cuddly.' I am also doing PT 3X a week for my neck and that includes upper body weight stuff.

I'll tell you all more about myself another day. Nice to 'meet' you!

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Lisa said...

You don't want to be cuddly anymore? What a sweet comment. Good for you and your weight loss. Keep up the good work, Amy.