Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day ??? Organizing Frenzy

I really have not given up three days into this cleaning frenzy....  I am really keeping with it.  I am just not blogging it!!  Really!!!  We went to visit my folks for a few days and so I had unpacking from trip one, packing for trip two and now unpacking.  Exhausting.  However....

---- The carpets have been steam cleaned while we were gone thanks to the wonderful husband!  Kid might freak out with wet floors and so they did it while we were gone.

---- The carpet cleaning necessitated us taking everything off the floor.  This does not mean that I became organized overnight.  However, I did do some partial organizing and will do more of it while I put all the items back.

---- I am tackling the unpacking one step at a time.

---- My sister helped me put up cube shelving in the 'back room' and so now I have a blank palette with which to work with!!!  I can't wait to start organizing.


I can't quite call this 'after'.... but this is how it looks presently.  (Notice I do not pan out on the picture.)

My silly sister who helped me ;)  Thanks Sissy.  


Anonymous said...

Anytime Sis - Always my pleasure

ohiohomeschool said...

You go girl!!