Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bathroom Re-do

Shower BeforeShower After

Towel Rack BeforeTowel Rack After

Organizing Junkie is having a Bathroom Re-do roundup. I had redone the kid bathroom a few months back- but forgot I had done it - because- well- it doesn't look like it did in my after pictures at the moment! But it is quick to spruce it up and the new accessories give it a fun feel. In a Sunday newspaper ad I saw a sale for 'Spunky Monkey" bathroom decorations at K-mart and they were quite a steal.

One thing I do to keep the bathroom 'de junked' is to work through even a corner of a shelf every time DS takes a bath. I can not leave him alone in there and so it seems as good a time as any to 'get-r-done.' I will have to say that the cupboards in this bathroom are almost empty!


We like to read in the bathroom so I just added a basket where we keep all the books that we might wish to browse through while doing our business...or just when we need to escape. This room is one of the few with in the house with a lock on the door. The 'chart' over to the right is a handwashing reminder for DS and you can find it here.


Anonymous said...

Amy, your bathroom looks fantastic. Brown is one of my favorite colors and the monkeys are adorable!

Love, Wardeh
Such Treasures

Anonymous said...

I just challenged myself to go through my bathrooms and get rid of 5 things that didn't belong. I only found one thing, but that one thing had been sitting on the counter for 6 months--a bracelet waiting to be fixed. I can't believe myself that I let it go so long as I am usually on top of things like this. I didn't find more I am sure because I regularly sort through stuff and get rid of it before it is clutter.
Cute monkeys on the towels and curtain.

twettybird said...

amy,i am redoing my bathroom in spunky monkey,what would you do in your rugs.everyone is saying beige,what do you think???