Monday, July 21, 2008

Menu Plan Day

Sunday: Burgers and Fries
Monday: Chicken Nuggets w/ cornmeal crust
Tuesday: Take out Pizza- cousins here
Tuna Croquettes from Good Eats. (Substitute GF breadcrumbs.)
Thursday: Vegetable Soup from Good Eats
Friday: Leftovers

Other things I am making this week: Pumpkin Drop Baked Cookies (will have to find recipe to post) and quick bean salad w/ white beans and 'whatever' happens to be around.' I will post both of those sometime in the next weeks.

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Angela's Kitchen said...

It's always nice to see another gfcf mommy! Mmmmm recipes from Good Eats! Our family loves that show!

I have a Pumpkin Cookie recipe on my blog that my family likes, if you are looking for one.

Thanks for sharing your menu.