Sunday, September 29, 2013

Meal Plan

So God told me to plan out my meals for the week.  At least that is the impression I got this morning.. it is now after 8 PM.  OK!! OK!! I'll do it!!! I am 'mostly Paleo' trying to increase emphasis on adding veggies.

Breakfasts.. Eggs, sauteed veggies.  OR Chicken Jerky and coconut muffins.  Hubs will have this or oatmeal.  We add milk the night before and he can just pop it in the microwave. Kid has the usual of sausage or pancakes.

Lunches... Salads with the basics plus a protein or 'sammie roll-ups' which use swiss chard as bread.  I love them.  Hubs will have bread.   Kid is random.

Sunday- Squash soup.
Monday- Leftover pork for hubs, salmon for me.  Roasted broccoli.  Rice for the boys.
Tuesday- Chicken meatballs (I hope), Roasted golden beats.  Pasta for the boys.
Wednesday- Whole chicken.  Roasted brussels and asparagus (from frozen).  Roasted potatoes.
Thursday- Enchilada from the chicken
Friday- Leftovers or I will go to my favorite take out place.
Saturday- cut me some slack.  I never plan for meals so I think 6 days is pretty good planning!!!

Snacks... soup from Sunday, Larabars, coconut muffins, jerky, fruit....

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