Saturday, November 21, 2009

GFCF Thanksgiving

Here we are again...THANKSGIVING....CHRISTMAS.. which means..STUFFING, COOKIES, MASHED POTATOES WITH OODLES OF BUTTER.... What's a GFCF family to do??!!!

There are lots of ways to make the holidays a 'treat' without having to give in to bad flavor and soggy stuffing. I was watching Rachel Ray Thanksgiving in 60 and realized that I could make most of what she had in her episode with very few adjustments. The pumpkin soup could use GF flour for the roux and the cream could be replaced by coconut milk. You could even make the squash soup I just posted here on this blog in it's place. I have found stuffing difficult with gluten free breads because it tends to get soggy. I like her stuffin' muffins because I think they would dry out easier and make for a better gf muffin.

Everyone in the food world is talking about Gluten free...and it is not a fad. It is seriously helping so many people feel well again! Even Martha's blog is talking about it here on her post about Thanksgiving and special diets.

Aut2Bhome has a wonderful collection of GFCF recipes. The pictures on this post have disappeared but the food is still very yummy.

I am going to post our Christmas dinner that we did last year (Beef Tenderloin!) and some gfcf Christmas crafts over the next few weeks.

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