Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Good Enough Gal...

I can tell it isn't going well. I am sticking to the plan with one small diversion which involved several rolls of homemade oatmeal cookie dough that I had stashed in my freezer. It isn't as bad as it sounds. Friends were coming over who were also GFCF and I needed to entertain. Still I had a few to many. The cookies were incredible. It is a day to day adventure. If I do this 80% of the time and 'cheat' 20% of the time, I am fine with that regardless of the results.

The Flat Belly Diet has a 4 day jump start which includes Sassy Water and even more calorie restriction. I just knew that if I did that, I'd go straight off the diet on day 5 and I am not quite sure that Sassy water would taste too great. I'd rather just go for something straight from the tap.

The other item that is 'off' the menu for this diet is coffee. Say it ain't so!!! That just is not palatable to me. I have had zero Diet Cokes in the last 4 years, very little cream and have made the move to just a tiny bit of sour cream and goat cheese to feed my dairy habit. My friends who know me well know I am a "good enough gal" and so the coffee is staying. I am moving to tea in the afternoon though and I actually feel better when I do that instead of coffee then. But I can not be a perfectionist and stick with it. Because in the end, it is all about course correction..not pass or fail.

Along the same lines I ran across a young man who has blogged his weight loss. He takes the right track in my opinion. We can't all be on the Biggest Loser. In addition, although I think exercise is healthy, I don't think many of us can manage hours at the gym every day. He has lost over 100 pounds in the last year by diet and exercise and still having cookies and setbacks every now and then. But he keeps on going.

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