Saturday, December 26, 2009

Stepping on the Scale and Kid Tip

I already modified my menu on the fly yesterday and ended up making a variation on a theme for dinner. The salad had arugula mix with goat cheese, avocado, beets and a few pine nuts with lemon/EVOO dressing. I have a spiral slicer and as they say, you get what you pay for. Half way through making beet spirals, it bit the dust and I ended up making diced beets instead. When buying my slicer, I didn't really find a 'good one' on the market so if anyone has any ideas, toss them my way.

KID TIP: Roasted beets are so yummy when sprinkled with some EVOO and salt. Then roast them at 400F for 20 minutes or so. I buy the golden beets when I can find them and my son gobbles them up. They are not as strong as red beets and don't leave a nasty mess all over the kitchen. I 'sell' them as being similar to french fries.

Above is my mid-day snack. I found out though that smoked salmon is out of the picture. I had tried a small bite on Christmas but after eating them yesterday I started wheezing. Not a good way to start out a diet! Bummer..because I love smoked salmon. After while I'll probably try canned salmon to see if it was the 'smoke' or the salmon. This was even additive free! Oh well- still plenty of good stuff I can it!

Today I probably won't vary to much from yesterday since we are digging through the leftovers. I did however make some chocolate covered frozen bananas!!! Although I am sure making a daily meal out of them would not be advised, at the end of dinner, if I am still 100 calories away from 400, i can include those from time to time.

I did make myself step on the scale. If you want to join in on the fun, comment or email me and I'll tell you my starting point. I plan to post a 'before' picture tomorrow.

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