Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Peeps...

I have a really funny "before" picture taken last summer of me walking my Aunt's dog on the beach. My sister says it looks like a papararzzi picture of when they are chasing the star for the 'fattie' picture. Yea...not posting that one. A few of you who did a diet challenge with Val last fall have seen it. If you join me I might just show you...or I might not.

Anyway, I love the above picture of me and two good friends Brenda and Elizabeth at Christmas but I want to loose some of those belly pounds that have packed on especially over this last year. I have a few BF's and these are the two I have known the longest. So, this is my 'before' picture. Anyone else want to share??

Went grocery shopping yesterday with menu made and list in hand. And when I got home I changed the menu! That is one thing I like about this diet- it is very adaptable to what I want to eat and what I have in the house. Good food!

PS...I have a secret desire to be a redhead which is why I surround myself with them.

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