Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chicken Nuggets...Veggie Disguise

A friend recommended the book Deceptively Delicious. You basically steam a bunch of veggies, puree them and then sneak them in your kids' food! I tried to sample this technique with some Lays potato chip crusted chicken nuggets!! Here are the steps I did:

1) Cut boneless chicken into strips or chunks. (I prefer thighs vs. breasts and you can find the boneless ones at many stores including Costco.)

2) Dust the pieces in gfcf flour of any kind. I keep a blend of flours in my freezer taken from Big Batch Cookies.

3) Dip the floured chicken pieces in a vegetable puree. I used spinach puree. The final product will show this color. Maybe try these out for St. Paddy's Day.

4) Roll the nuggets in crushed Lays chips. I made several batches. In some I used just hand crushed Lays. This is what the final product picture is below. In others I ground up the Lays in the blender. This is the picture below in the pan. I think the blender actually works better for a more cohesive final product.

5) Fry them in liberal oil in preferably a cast iron pan. QVC has some descent priced enameled cast iron. Many of the 'treated' cast irons that are on the market are cheap but treated with soy oil which is a no no for us. I did this on the stove over medium heat.

Below is the final product. Yes Andrew DID eat them; however the room was dark and I fed them to him while he was on the computer. Yes I'm bad. The next day I put them on a plate and he balked at them. I informed them that he had eaten them the day before and they had Lays chips as the coating. That sold him. Still I do not see him eating these daily. I find them exceptionally yummy but not fat free LOL! They say that if you fry things in hot enough oil and do it correctly that it is almost the same as baked. Whoever 'they' are.....i think I'll believe them on this one because they are too good to pass up.

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