Sunday, June 22, 2008

Menu Planning Day

Here we Menu Planning Day again. Last week I tried two recipes off of HappyFoody. The Raw Strawberry Pie is great and the Raw Caesar Dressing is very good. I did not use the miso in the dressing because I have problems with soy. I DID use the flax oil to mix with the pine nuts and I think that gave it a 'fishy' flavor of typical Caesar Dressing. I will be doing both of the recipes again for sure. I may even do the pie this week again if I get to the farm to get some fresh strawberries!

This week:
Sunday: Leftover Lasagna
Monday: Chicken Nuggets in baked cornmeal crust and vegetable
Tuesday: Hamburgers and vegetable
Wednesday: Steak on top of salad and veggies that come in my bi-weekly vegetable delivery
Thursday- Sunday: heading "up north." I will have to plan for that but it will include lots of prepackaged yums and canned stuff.


Chef Penny said...

So glad to hear that you tried the strawberry pie. I am going to try it this week now that birthdays and camp are over!

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

I've added you to my Dairy Free blogroll! Thanks for stopping by!

I was also wondering if you're in the mood for giving advice today? I could use some suggestions! :)