Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cookie time!

Christmas cookie time. I whipped up a batch of dough to make cookies from one of those cookie did not work! The shooter that is...going in the garbage I think. I pulled out SDSK II and found a vanilla cookie recipe. Online I found a recipe based on this for a big batch on only sometimes clever blog. For starters I mixed a large batch of flour based off the big batch recipe with amaranth, brown rice, sweet rice flours and potato starch. Then I scaled back and scooped out of that bag to make the recipe in SDSKII. Judging from the amount of dough I wish I had made the big batch but we will see how the cookies turn out tomorrow and then perhaps make a larger amount. The Only Sometimes Clever Blog is a new favorite for me. Stay tuned for how they turn out. The dough is in the fridge to make cut-outs with Andrew tomorrow. I decided to scaffold and make the dough ahead of time.


Cookie update

We rolled our cookies that I made yesterday. I will definitely make a big batch of them as this batch that I made equated to less than 2 dozen! And they were small. Also, bigger cookies were better. I made all sizes and the smaller ones got too 'done' and crispy. The larger ones were better. I have to admit, although tasty, they just weren't as good as my Grandma's made with real butter! The texture was very good with the flour mix I used though. They were not grainy. I may make them with a bit of coconut oil next time. I know that isn't a resounding review but they are much better than the box gfcf mixes I have made in the past. The dough was terrific!!! (Yes we eat raw dough.)


Another update...

A few days ago I made up a 'big batch' of cookie dough and yesterday turned them into chocolate dipped moons (some were crescents but they were too hard to form so I went for a 'full moon.') I also made thumbprints with American Spoon Food Spoon Fruit in the middle. They are so good. They are not too sweet which I think is good. For the moons, I put gfcf Trader Joes chocolate chips in the micro with a spoon of Spectrum Shortening and melted it. I sprinkled powdered sugar over both. I personally think this dough works very well for bigger cookies. I had a thumbprint with my coffee for breakfast;)

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