Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekly Menu - June 29

I found a few 'raw food' cookbooks at the Library. (Can you call them raw food 'cook' books?) I am just doing a general plan this week and here are some things I am trying that are 'raw' foods:

From RAWvolution
Summer Corn Salad- made last night. very good
Borcht - made for lunch. ummm..yucky:( and my kitchen looked like there had been a crime committed.
Breakfast Bars
Creamy Ranch Dressing
Mock Tuna

From Raw Food Real World
Grapefruit Salad

I was able to find these cookbooks through inner-library loan. I don't think I can write any of the recipes here as that would be a copy write infringement but here is a link I found to the ingredients used in some of these recipes. I am also cooking meat for dinner for DH and DS...but keeping it simple. I made some chicken breasts for DH last night and will make some burgers too this week.

Last week I made two delicious recipes from Happy Foody including Raw Strawberry Pie and Raw Caesar Dressing. Both were delicious. I did not use the white miso for the dressing as soy is a no-no for me but I DID use the flax oil which I think gave it a great 'fishy' taste as Caesar dressing should have. I made plenty of smoothies. One day for lunch I was so hungry. Some friends had been over and by the time they left it was well past lunch so I put a bunch of frozen fruit in the blender thinking I was being such a good girl. Well, the bottom wasn't on and when I went to pour it in the glass it was ALL over the lets just say I had Lays chips for lunch that day and leave it at that! My favorite juice combo however is a bunch of kale and parsley, a couple of stalks of celery and some green apple. Very good!

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Chef Penny said...

These look great! I look forward to reading about your raw journey!